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EWMD International Conference Turkey 2015 / Copyright: EWMD International e.V.

September 2016 – For the international business network "European Women Management Development" (EWMD), 2016 is a year of top class international activities. After a year of EWMD events in South Africa, Barcelona and Brussels, Italy is to host the International Conference. The network is therefore very pleased to invite women to meet top international businesswomen in Bardolino, Verona/Lake Garda, primarily in Hotel Caesius (please see location information below), from Friday, November 11th until Sunday, Nov. 13th. The topic of the conference is: "A journey between past and present, together, towards our future".


Invitation to a top class conference in Italy


The conference in Bardolino will, once again, demonstrate the top quality level of EWMD events which are distinguished by state-of-the-art topics and innovative structures. The aim of the International Conference is to raise awareness of the importance of gender diversity in business. It is focused on giving active support to what women can do themselves to break stereotypes and barriers, and proposes positive models to young generations. The driving force for all EWMD members is to have a global society free from prejudice and ready to respect curious, bright and determined women at eye level.


One of the role models Gay Haskins, who, as a founding EWMD member, has constantly supported this goal throughout her career, will be awarded the "She Made a Difference Award" during a ceremony on the first conference day on Friday, Nov. 11, at the Foresteria Serego Alighieri in Sant'Ambrogio di Valpolicella (VR). This EWMD award is given every two years to women with outstanding professional skills and aptitudes and a strong focus on diversity. The winner of the award 2014 was EU politician and diversity advocate Viviane Reding. Gay Haskins is also a perfect candidate for this award. In addition to being an EWMD “Founding Mother”, she is an Associate Fellow at Oxford University's Saȉd Business School. From the very beginning of her career she followed her dream of a world where diversity, especially in gender terms, is acknowledged as a value, a bonus factor in business and no longer as an obstacle.


On Saturday, Nov. 12th, the International Conference will address the main topic "Let's shape our future - History is our strength, future our horizon". It will take place at the Hotel Caesius in Bardolino. Innovative in contents, methods and results, the conference will involve all participants. Using interactive platforms such as TED and small-group-workshops, the conference orga-team is aiming to use the swarm intelligence of all attendees to initiate real changes for the present and following generations of women.


This is a preview of some of the topics that will be addressed and the involved speakers:


Neurosciences: Marina Pizzi


Medicine: Adriana Albini


Smart City: Nadia Busato


Circular Economy: Maria Luisa Venuta


Internet of things: Claudia Canali


Social media: Ilaria Fornasini


Factory 4.0: Stefania Zuccolotto


Big Data: Barbara Vecchi


On Sunday, Nov. 13th, the EWMD Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be held at Hotel Caesius again. The AGM is for EWMD members only and gives opportunity to actively help shaping the organization and its future.


For registration: www.shemadeadifference.eu/en/subscribe-events


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EWMD Learning Journey South Africa 2016 / Copyright: EWMD International e.V.

Supporting business women on a global scale


With the International Conference in Italy, the EWMD organization will close the year 2016 which is dedicated to its global expansion plans. Those plans are taking into account that in many countries the position of women in business have not changed for the better. EWMD wants to put far more weight on to supporting those women on a global scale. The expansion plans are based on a geographic twin-track strategy, combined with the goal to attract younger target groups. One focus is on the expansion of European chapters. This year, Barcelona and Brussels were chosen to re-introduce the network, with follow-up-activities aiming to establish solid chapters in Spain and Belgium. London will follow in autumn and France is scheduled for next year.


This year the Learning Journey took place in April. It is a very popular EWMD event which mainly tries to visit countries outside Europe. After Mongolia last year and Turkey in 2014, this year’s destination was South Africa. The EWMD delegation of about 20 women explored the circumstances of women in this still young democracy. They brought back very diverse impressions - from amazing biographies of African businesswomen, to successful Muslim women practicing as lawyers to female social activists in Townships. The Learning Journey to Turkey has already borne fruit: In 2015, an EWMD chapter was successfully established in Istanbul. The highly motivated local team already hosted the International Conference in November 2015 which was a huge success and motivated women in Turkey to establish more chapters nationally. This kind of success story is "an excellent blueprint for the networks' further global expansion” according to the presidents of EWMD International Selene Ghioni and Nadin Meloth.

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WOMEN ON THE MOVE - EWMD expands internationally
Next: International Conference November, 11-13, Italy
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